Boost Download Manager
Boost Download Manager
  Download Faster, Download Safer.

$9.95 For Life

Boost Download Manager is in every Download

Downloading with Boost Download Manager will accelerate your downlaods, organize
downloads, scheduling it and limit the downloading speed. using simple beautiful user interface
with customization sounds for finished downloads.

Increase downloading speed

Boost Download Manager speeds your downloads by using an advanced multithread technology that splits your download to multiable files, then downloads each file simultaneously and regroup files after finshed the download to one, thus increase download speed by up to 5 times!


Support multiable browsers

Boost Download Manager aims to support all different browsers by using our extension that transfer every downloads running by browser to Boost Download Manager to let you always enjoy the maximum downloading speed.

Current supported browsers : Chrome ,Edge ,Opera ,Firefox and Brave.

Boost Download Manager gives you more options

Boost Download Manager gives you alot of options not just speeding your downloads, you can use Automatic Malware Checker option to check your finished downloads from various automaticly and you can use our queue system to manage your download and alot of different option. Download our software and discover it.